Up to Rs 2,500 crore in share buybacks have been authorised by Bajaj Auto.

A repurchase of 18 million equity shares at a price of Rs 400 per share was approved by

shareholders in 2000. About 54% of the corporation is owned by the promoter group.

Bajaj stated that it will utilise at least Rs 1,250 crore, or 50% of the funds set aside.

Considering the minimum and maximum buyback sizes,

About 2.7 million equity shares will be purchased by the corporation.

if the price of the equity shares is less than the maximum repurchase price

Actual amount of shares of stock to be purchased, if purchased

The shares may be more than the anticipated repurchase. This month, earlier

The authority to make buyback decisions has been assigned by the board to a committee.

Rajiv Bajaj, CEO of Bajaj Auto, stated that the company's investors

A policy exists to repay up to 90% of the yearly earnings.