In this fast progressing world of technology everything is changing in our daily life,

The things that need to be done by hand can be done on our computers/smartphones with great precision.

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This change is a symbol of the fact that our way of doing office work also has to change and this change has happened.

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Nowadays, we see that meetings are being conducted online and are done with digital signatures.

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In the past, if we wanted to sign a document digitally, we used to look for apps or websites,

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And often those websites or apps didn't require a subscription to work which was a real pain.

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Then looking for a free trial was even worse, but the real danger was that your credit card information could be stolen.

Those problems have now been solved by Google Docs, they will soon get support for e-signatures within the app itself.

Google Docs will soon give its users the ability to request an electronic signature from anyone on a document.

This will be done with the help of two new fields in the document: a signature field that will allow users to sign the document.

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and the Date Signed field to record the date it was signed.

According to Google, this feature will be released as a bets feature at first but it will be rolled out properly soon.

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