Kaali Movie Poster Shows Goddess Smoking

has angered a large section of social media. Many people want the filmmaker to be detained.

The focal point of the controversy, the documentary film Kaali, is becoming hugely popular for all the wrong reasons. 

Credit : Social Media

Internet users claim that the film's poster insults a Hindu deity and hurts religious sensibilities.

The hashtag #ArrestLeenaManimekalai started trending on Twitter as users called for the arrest of its creator Leena Manimekalai.

Social media users urged the Aga Khan Museum, where the film premiered, to remove it immediately.

The film's director Leena Manimekalai has urged the audience to watch the film before criticizing it.

The director of the film, Leena Manimekalai tweeted, "Once you see the film, you will change 

the hashtag from "#ArrestLeenaManimekalai" to "Love you Leena Manimekalai".

Credit : Social Media

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