For the quarter ending March 2022, Tata Steel reported a 46.8% year-on-year (YoY) growth in total net profit...

...attributable to the company's shareholders of Rs 9,756 crore, with the European division having a good performance.

Net profit increased by 1.9 percent sequentially.

On a combined basis, the company's declared profit after tax was Rs 9,835 crore, up 37.32 percent.

Total revenue for the quarter was Rs 69,324 crore, up 38.6% from Rs 50,028 crore the year before.

Tata Steel posted a consolidated EBITDA of Rs 63,830 crore in FY22, with an EBITDA per tonne of Rs 21,626.

At Rs 41,749 crore, profit after tax was also the biggest it has ever been.

The board proposed a dividend of Rs 51 per fully paid equity share and Rs 12.75 for partially paid equity shares on Tuesday.

A stock split of 10:1 was also suggested.